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Ayusmat For She's A Keeper

KEEPER was born on 13th of June 2013 in Israel, in our study, converted to a nursery for a few weeks.

Keeper is a TYPICAL shar-pei, it takes time to earn her trust and love, but once you do - she's the sweetest thing in the world!

Keeper is Rosy's daughter and Nanu's grand-daughter, which makes her a second generation Ayusmat!

She is definitely a mix of both Rosy and Nanu - she got her clumsiness from Rosy and her hunter instincts from Nanu.

Keeper loves walks outdoors, but unlike her sister Fiji, she absolutely hates swimming in the pool (again - TYPICAL shar-pei),  but she does love fooling around with her sister, mum and Teaser.

Keeper is a chocolate horse coat, she also has a very interesting genetic pool, however she had a tragic miscarriage due to infection and had to be spayed.  

Now Keeper is enjoying her luxurious sofa life style.

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