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About Ayusmat

Ayusmat is a KC and an FCI registered shar-pei kennel since 2009.


Welcome to our site, my name is Julia (Reingold) Cherry - I'm a mum of a beautiful boy and a proud pei-mummy, an owner of Ayusmat.

Ayusmat is a domestic and cozy Shar-Pei kennel, which specialises in unique colour breeding.

All of our dogs and puppies are living indoors and receive lots of love and attention.

Each dog is a family member!

Since I started working with shar-peis, I have accomplished two cynological courses at IKC (Israeli Kennel Club). Since May 2012 and until I left Israel (December 2013) I was the breed coordinator for Shar-Pei in Israel.

I fell in love with this breed in 2004 when I bought my first shar-pei.

Pedro came into my life with no pedigree and with incorrect ears, but full of charm and charisma he swept me off my feet in a blink of an eye! He opened a door into the magical world of wrinkles for me - he was my first step.
Thanks to Pedro, I've started my journey in search of every drop of information about this unique breed - the appearance, the types, the standards, the diseases, the breeding, the character and the training. 

Knowing several languages, I was able to find a lot of interesting and important information in Russian, English and Hebrew, and the more I read, the more intriguing it was. 

After dedicating a year in deep study and research, I decided to become a breeder.
So in 2009, I registered my kennel in FCI and headed towards a new future. 


The kennel name - AYUSMAT, is taken from sanskrit and means possessed of vital power, healthy, long-lived, often was applied as a kind of honorific title (especially to royal personages and Buddhist monks). 

I believe in the power of a simple word and a good intention, so by giving my kennel and the puppies that are born here this name I would like my dogs to possess a long and healthy life - this is my main goal as a breeder.


My aspiration is to combine strong health, with a great character and excellent exterior (in this particular order).


I want my dogs and their puppies to put a smile on your face, for a long-long time!

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