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Ayusmat Family Fortune

FIJI was born on 13th of June 2013 in Israel, in our study, converted to a nursery for a few weeks.

She's the most gentle and loyal dog that I ever had, in fact, she's the first dog in my life that I can completely trust without a leash - she's so connected, that she would never even think of running away.

Fiji is Rosy's daughter and Nanu's grand-daughter, which makes her a second generation Ayusmat!

Fiji loves walks outdoors, swimming in the pool and fooling around with her sister Keeper, mum Rosy and Teaser. She's also a really good guard dog, keeping an eye on what is happening outside our house and making sure everyone is aware of the slightest movement that she sees, particularly if it is a post man.

Fiji had a pyometra and had to be spayed, to save her life.  She's now enjoying bossing Posh, Yummy and Teaser around :)

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