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Milana de Boro Amatory Potion at Ayusmat

POSH was born on 5th of November 2019, in Samara, Russia.
She was a "surprise addition" to her sister Yummy, as I couldn't resist her beauty!  So as soon as it was possible, Posh joined us here in the UK. 

Posh is the poshest dog I ever had, it is so funny to watch her manners!  Unlike her piglet sister, she would never have a messy muzzle after a meal! 

She has just the right mix of craziness and sweetness, well, perhaps "almost" the right mix :)

She is still a puppy, but we have high expectation from this little beauty!

Genetic testing:



Milana de Boro Amatory Potion at Ayusmat
Milana de Boro Amatori Potion at Ayusmat
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