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Asakti Nanu (Russia import)

NANU was born on August 13th 2007 in Asakti kennel, located in Volgograd Russia.

I brought Nanu to Israel in 2007, at that time she was the first chocolate shar-pei here.


She has an amazing character!

She is loving and kind.

She is demanding towards the rest of the pack, but yet, she's fair.

She's cheerful and playful.


In one word - she is the soul of our little pack!


Nanu has inherited healthy blood lines and has a great set of genes (she has a blue gene too), with the right partner, she already brought unique puppies, which, as I hope, will contribute a great deal to Israeli breeding. 

Like each one of my dog, she pushed me to study something new. Nanu put me on a path of learning shar-pei genetics and breeding.

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