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My first shar-pei.

Pedro was born on June 7th 2004 in Rosh-Haain, Israel.

A Traditional Shar-pei expert from Hong-Kong China (place of origin), Eric T. Omura says that Pedro represents the traditional type of Shar-pei and meets the breed standard. 

Unfortunately he doesn't meet the FCI standard, but he is definitely the founder of AYUSMAT.

He came into my life on August 2004.


Pedro has a special charm, every one who knows him - falls in love with him!

He's a bundle of joy - so playful and hyperactive that he leaves no choice but for you to notice him.

He loves HUGE toys and he always plays fair - including every one of the people present in the room in his games.

Pedro is a well trained dog, so don't believe those who say it's impossible to train a shar-pei!


We started the training sessions when he was a totally grown-up dog, but still, it was a pleasure to work with him and see the results. We worked with a professional and it gave us a good start in understanding the basics of training and gave me a huge push to study and explore this aspect too.

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